Start of the first match: Friday 28th of November 2014 at 16:00

Exhibition match of Internacional Tatran Prešov vs Pavlovič team: Sunday 30th of November 2014 before the final match

Award ceremony and price giving: Sunday 30th of November 2014 after the final match

Playing area: board floor

Playing area dimensions: 40 x 20 metres

Goals: handball

Balls: size 4

Number of teams: 8

Number of groups: 2

Number of players on the board floor: 4 + 1

Playing time: 2 x 20 minutes

Halftime break: 5 minutes

Break between matches: 10 minutes

Victory: 3 points

Draw: 1 point

Loss: 0 points

Draw in a play-off match: immediately after the end of the basic playtime players will shoot penalties (3 shots per team)

Detailed information about the rules: www.pavloviccup.com → Cup → Competition rules






  1. in the areas of the individual facilities – breakfast, lunch and dinner,
  2. in the sports hall – drinks (before, during and after matches, mineral water and isotonic drinks).
  1. Players born after 1 January 1998 fall under the U17 category in 2014.
  2. The number of players for the cup – maximum 14.
  3. The number of other members of the team – maximum 4 (coach, manager, doctor or masseur, driver).
  4. The total number of the whole team – maximum 18.
  5. Each player needs to have a valid registration card.
  6. Throughout the competition each player will have the same number as stated on the list of players.
  7. Each team will need to have 2 sets of dresses (in different colours).
  8. In case of insufficient colour distinction of teams, the home team will accommodate (in the list of matches it is the first stated).
  9. Players need to have shoes and protectors made specifically for the board floor.
  10. All players compete at their own risk and insurance.
  11. A coordinator will be appointed to each club, who can be contacted with possible questions during the cup.
  12. Dressing rooms will be switched after individual matches.
  13. The key to the dressing room needs to be returned to the coordinator after each match.
  14. Each team member will get a tag to authorise his/her entrance to the cup free of charge;
    after the end the event team leader of each team will return these tags to the coordinator.
  15. The members of the implementation teams will have a VIP room available at the sports hall.
  16. Before coming to the cup it is necessary to get acquainted with the list of matches for the current year.
  17. Before coming to the cup it is necessary to get acquainted with the competition rules as well.
  • By 30 September 2014 fill in the Application to the cup (www.pavloviccup.com → Cup  → Cup Application)
    and send it to info@pavloviccup.com.
  • By the 21th of November 2014 pay the participation fee of 150 Euros per team and
    add the name of the club into the comments. Bank account no.: 2922888551/110
    Account number in the form of IBAN: SK46 1100 0000 0029 2288 8551
    BIC code: TATRSKBX
  • By the 27th of November 2014 fill in the List of players (www.pavloviccup.com → Cup → Schedule)
    and send it to info@pavloviccup.com,
  • www.pavloviccup.com → Cup → Team Itinerary 2014,
  • www.pavloviccup.com → Cup → Competition Rules,
  • in case of questions and issues to be clarified contact us at → info@pavloviccup.com.